How to Use Get-Go®

Animals are fed different milks from farm to farm. The four main types of milk fed to calves are: natural milk or colostrum, pasteurized milk or colostrum, treated milk and  reconstituted milk from milk replacers.  All of these can be used with the Get-Go Formulas

Select The Correct Formula

Get-Go should be included in every feeding from birth until weaning

The four milk preparations are quite different from each other, and present different challenges for effective digestion by the calf.  ATR Thrive has developed a range of products to address appropriate digestion for each of these different milks.  No other products on the market address digestion this way.

The selected Get-Go supplement is to be added to each milk feed, in proportion to the amount of milk fed each time.

To better understand the correct formula choice, visit the Formula page

Before You Mix

Standard Dilution =  5 grams of Get-Go formula per gallon of mixed liquid feed.   
Scoops of 2 sizes are provided with your formula (more are available on request)
       Small scoop - (5g) – for 1 gallon mix or multiples of 1    
 Larger scoop – (50g) – for 10 gallon mix or multiples of 10

Calculate how much milk is required for each batch feeding

Measure and Mix

1-Measure the required product using provided scoop (5 grams per gallon)
2-Add measured dry product to a small amount of cold water
3-Dissolve powder completely using whisk or shaker    
Blend the dissolved product to the prepared milk, at less than 100⁰F.

Usage and Mixing Tips

  • Always start with sanitized equipment
  • Avoid lumps in mixed formula
  • For faster mix and complete dispersion, use cold water in shaker or mixing bucket
  • Agitate milk at intervals to ensure Get-Go remains evenly dispersed
  • For single feeds, dissolve required amount in a shaker
  • For feeds up to 100 gallons, whisk formula in a 1-2 gallon jug
  • For large batches, whisk formula in 5 gallon bucket