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Every feed of milk given to an infant animal requires complete digestion. Undigested or partially digested milk results in nutritional scours and compromised nutrition.  To resolve this problem, the standard recommendation across the entire dairy farming industry is to limit the amount of milk that is fed to calves, kids and lambs instead of addressing better digestion. This limits their nutrition, growth, development and potential.

The patent pending Get-Go supplements are specially formulated products that enable complete digestion of milk and milk products, and support an optimized biome. This can eliminate nutritional scours. Get-Go enhances absorption of colostrum, which is critical to establish and support a healthy digestive tract. Get-Go is designed for use in every feeding from birth until weaning. It also assists transitions to solid feed such as hay or grain.

Complete digestion of fats in milk or milk replacers makes a significant difference to the health and well-being of calves. These unique formulas are specifically designed to give calves, kids or lambs the most beneficial start to life, and subsequent growth and development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What our customers are saying

"We purchased 100 calves that did not receive colostrum, one was so far gone before we got Get-Go we lost him.  The rest have responded well, and we have used the “Revive” only a couple of times, product works great.  On our own calves we plan on starting with the FM”.

Leonor Kunze

"We purchased 130 calves from WI, we now think they didn’t get much or any colostrum and we lost 9 before we were two weeks in and heard about Get-Go.  In 24 hours all scours were gone, we will finish out this lot on Get-Go and make sure we start with
Get-Go on all new calves."

Ansley Zulauf

  "We added Get-Go and have now eliminated all the prevention antibiotics and  the deaths have stopped.  Feeding up to 1,000 calves per day.  The farm that we raise for is feeding Get-Go FM to the newborns and those are becoming our best calves on the property."

Davion Gerhold

"We have 4,000 calves on Get-Go, they are certainly doing better, we have not yet eliminated all our other feeding practice supports such as pre and pro-biotics but are starting to phase them out."

Cierra Marks

"Get-Go FM has given our calves the best start of any product so far.  We ship to a calf rearing operation and reports back are excellent."

Cheyenne Stanton

"We thought she wouldn’t make it, 3 weeks premature heifer from the farmer’s daughter’s heifer.  We had heard about Get-Go, ordered in Get-Go NM and she responded immediately.  She will be our show calf at the County Fair."

Sylvan Kovacek

A note from Neville, Co-founder:  Get-Go has only been commercially available on the market for a few months, such positive feedback brings us joy every day.  If you want to make the Get-Go team part of your team, contact us!

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The ATR Thrive LLC owners and management team have extensive experience in the dairy industry, farming, calf rearing, animal nutrition and animal health management, as well as food chemistry and business experience.  ATR Thrive’s wider reference team includes respected farmers and calf rearers, researchers, veterinarians and nutritionists.

The ATR team has completed trialing the ATR products on thousands of calves on several commercial dairies.  The results are consistent and significant -  Improved profit from better digestion, resulting in stronger appetite, better growth, reduced need for treatments, lower mortality, and less stress for staff.
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